Apple Needs Self-Healing Polymer for iPhone 5

Apple Needs Self-Healing Polymer for iPhone 5


Ew. Scratches. Whether they’re on your car or on your phone, they’re not exactly what you want to see. Thanks to some researchers from Case Western Reserve University, minor scratches could really be a thing of the past. All you need is UV light.

They’ve developed a special self-healing polymer that can disassemble and re-assemble itself in a matter of seconds. The bits that make up the polymer are broken apart when you scratch the surface, but expose them to UV light and they melt themselves back into the original configuration.

The net result: no more scratch. And this whole proccess typically takes less than 60 seconds of exposure to UV light. Considering that there is already some UV light when you go outside, I’m wondering if this could just be a permanent fixture on cars. Light scratches really will become a thing of the past.

But where I really want to see it? Gorilla Glass is good. Oleophobic coatings are nice. Now, just add some of these optically healable supramolecular polymers on there and you could have the perfect display and casing for the iPhone 5, don’t you think? It’s already delayed a few months; they can add in this tweak, right?