Earth Day Tip From a Gadget Geek

Earth Day Tip From a Gadget Geek


Today is Earth Day, and one way we can easily help curb our CO2 impact on the planet is to not search Google. According to Google, each search uses roughly 0.0003 kWh of energy, or 1 kJ. The human body uses 8000 kJ a day of energy from food, so a Google search will use about the equivalent of 10 seconds of human energy. In relation to automobile use, a Google search creates 0.2 grams of CO2 emissions, that’s not a whole lot considering driving one mile produces the same amount of emissions as 1000s of Google searches.  But if you drive you can make a sacrifice and not drive today, then you can sit inside and search Google all day.

Watch your energy consumption

Get on Google PowerMeter and track your energy usage, keep tabs on peak hours and learn how to reduce and save. You can do this with many different devices, here’s a list of supported ones that can help you keep an eye on power consumption:

Devices to monitor Power Consumption

  • AlertMe
  • Blueline
  • Brultech
  • Current Cost
  • Digi
  • eGauge
  • PowerHouse Dynamics
  • The Energy Detective (TED)
  • WattsUp
  • Wattvision

Your best bet for today though, just shut everything down, go out in the sun, explore nature and have some fun.

Photo: CurrentCost meter