Sharp Wi-Fi Portable TV stalks you in every room

Sharp Wi-Fi Portable TV stalks you in every room


Think about where you would normally watch television. This is usually for the living room or the family room, but you might watch TV on your computer monitor or tablet device too. Fitting somewhere between those realms is the new Free-Style AQUOS HDTV from the folks at Sharp.

It sounds a little odd, to be honest, but it might actually be useful if you dont mind being stalked by your television in every conceivable room you could be in. The Free-Style AQUOS LC-20FEI Series is a 20-inch HDTV with an internal battery. What this means is that you can hang it like a picture frame somewhere – like your bedroom – and it’ll keep you entertained with whatever you like to watch. I like how in the video neither of the girls are paying attention to the guy at dinner but instead are watching the TV right next to him.

Tech specs include a 1366×768 resolution, LED backlighting, 400,000:1 contrast, two 2W speakers, WiFi-a/n (with DLNA), wireless digital TV tuner, and USB HDD recording. That last bit is like having a PVR, which is pretty handy when you need to take a bathroom break.

Unfortunately, for being merely a 20-inch TV, the Sharp Free-Style AQUOS is awfully expensive. Sharp must have missed the last couple of years in innovation, did they not hear of the tablet? Look for it this June for 100,000 Yen ($1219 US) if you happen to be out Japan way.