Lito Sora Electrobike Boasts 300km Range, 200km/h Top Speed

Lito Sora Electrobike Boasts 300km Range, 200km/h Top Speed


There are several folks who boot around Vancouver here in electric scooters. They’re compact, they’re efficient, they’re quite as hell and they get the job done. They’re also as slow as molasses and just about as interesting. The Lito Sora from Montreal is of a completely different breed.

Yes, it is just an electric motorcycle, but it’ll keep you going for days without having to plug back in. That’s because the 12kWh lithium-ion batteries keep the Sora swerving through traffic for up to 300km (185 miles) at a time. A full recharge does take eight hours though.

So, it has to be slow to achieve that kind of range, right? Not exactly. In fact, it’ll probably outrace many a Prius and Smart Car with its top speed of 200 km/h (125mph). Lito has tossed in an integrated GPS (that calculates the amount of power needed to get to your destination too), regen brakes, CVT, and electronically adjustable ergonomics for good measure. The seat has a vertical range of four inches, providing you with the right comfort (and aerodynamics).

For some strange reason, I can envision Captain America battling bad guys while riding this beast of an electrobike. Does that make me weird? In any case, there’s no price, but we know the Lito Sora can’t be cheap.