Infographic Compares Major Smartphone App Stores

Infographic Compares Major Smartphone App Stores


I guess it’s not even all that fair to call them smartphone app stores anymore, since tons of people are using the iPad and other tablet devices to download apps too. Whatever the case, this handy infographic culls together some interesting data from the six biggest mobile app stores out there right now. Not surprisingly, the Apple App Store is still very much on top in just about every measurable regard.

You want to talk total number of apps? There’s just no comparison since iOS is rocking approximately 225,000 apps (and counting); the next closest is Android Market with “just” 70,000 apps. What’s interesting is that the number of apps (and the number of downloads) isn’t directly correlated with number of devices.

In the first quarter of 2010, RIM sold 10.5 million BlackBerry devices while Apple sold 8.4 million iPhones. However, BlackBerry App World doesn’t even break the 3,000 app mark. There just aren’t enough people developing for the platform when compared to the iOS platform and this is largely because Apple users just seem more valuable: in 2009, Apple brought in 99.4% of total app revenue ($2.4 billion). These numbers have likely shifted since then, but that’s still quite telling of the demographic. This is despite a $99/year developer fee for Apple compared to a one-time $25 fee for Android.

Interestingly enough, the infographic does not include the Ovi Store for Symbian devices. This is curious, considering the sheer number of Symbian users around the world (even if Nokia’s market share is shrinking). Take some of the data with a grain of salt (since it’s not all completely up to date), but the infographic is still a fascinating thing to peruse.