The Jailbreak-Free iPhone, iPad Home Screen Modding App

The Jailbreak-Free iPhone, iPad Home Screen Modding App


So, you’ve got yourself an iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad and you want to do some customizations with the backgrounds, app icons, and so on. At the same time, you don’t want to mess with that whole jailbreaking business. If that’s the case, Pimp Your Screen might be the ticket.

Available through the App Store, Pimp Your Screen was created by Apalon so that people could mess around with the appearance of their iOS device without the jailbreak. On the lock screen, you can change the color of the clock, adjust the slider skin, add textures, and choose background images. Through the rest of the interface, you can swap out “creative and fun backgrounds,” as well as toss in frames, modify icon skins, change app shelves, and so on. It may not be quite as powerful as the jailbroken alternative, but you have a much lower likelihood of messing up your iDevice.

Find Pimp Your Screen in the App Store for 99 cents. Xzibit and his turntables on the back of an El Dorado not included.