iPhone 4 On Pace to Become Number One Camera on Flickr

iPhone 4 On Pace to Become Number One Camera on Flickr


Flickr is a great way for sharing pictures with your friends and the online community at large. There are plenty of professionals who post up edited pictures from their DSLRs, but casual shooters can share their snapshots too. However, the iPhone 4 is quickly becoming the most popular “camera” on the photo sharing site, even though it’s not really a camera in the traditional sense.

Right now, the Apple iPhone 4 is holding on to the second spot in terms of number of uploads to Flickr, straggling just behind the Nikon D40. These are two entirely different beasts, as the D40 is already three years old… that, and it’s a hefty SLR compared to a slim smartphone.

What this also means is that the iPhone 4 has effectively beat out all the compact point-and-shoots on the site, the top five of which are all Canon PowerShot models. Does this mean that the iPhone 4 is more popular than any of these models? Does it mean that it’s a better camera? No, not at all.

What it means is that the iPhone 4 makes it so easy to share photos, because you just snap and upload immediately from within the phone itself. The singular model philosophy of Apple aids this, as I’m sure Android folks are snapping and sharing shots too, but over multiple models and manufacturers. The same can be said about the multiple Canon PowerShots in the list.