CoolWare Wearable Air Conditioner Wraps Around Your Neck

CoolWare Wearable Air Conditioner Wraps Around Your Neck


Summer is right around the corner, so you know what that means: you’re about to start sweating like a pig (even though pigs don’t actually sweat). Helping you overcome that sticky situation is something called the CoolWare Personal Cooling System.

Available from The Sharper Image, it’s a collar that you wrap around your neck and it’s supposed to keep you as comfortable as possible when the mercury starts to rise. The inner part is made of anodized aluminum (cool metal always feels nice on a hot day), and the inside contains a two-speed fan and two ounces of water in a reservoir.

Taken all together, you experience a cooling sensation that “refreshes” your entire body. You’ll probably still want to have an icy cold drink on hand and you’ll need to swap out the battery and/or water in the CoolWare every 2 to 4 hours, but at least you’ll look like Rover with his invisible fence collar while you’re doing it.

Check it out for $49.99. Or just stay indoors with a desk fan reading Mobile Magazine.