Microsoft Moves to the Cloud to Entice Enterprise Customers

Microsoft Moves to the Cloud to Entice Enterprise Customers


What are the first products that come to mind when you think about Microsoft? Undoubtedly, it’s got to be Windows and Office. This is very clearly illustrated by the company’s revenue figures, but the bulging vein in Ballmer’s neck is looking to expand their business in, well, business apps.

The business software market is as big as ever, but Microsoft is still some distance away from the big boys in the enterprise arena. So, they’re looking to break in with more “enterprise applications” like ERP (enterprise resource planning) and CRM (customer relationship management) solutions.

The kicker? It looks like Microsoft is really ready to embrace the cloud. This goes beyond the “to the cloud” commercials for consumer media streaming and into the business world, allowing executives on the road to check in without having to deal with locally installed software.

“If we don’t dramatically outgrow Oracle and SAP I’d be disappointed,” Ballmer said. “The move to the cloud is big for this category and we’re driving ahead.”

Let’s just hope this doesn’t become another Zune or Kin fiasco. It is just software, after all, which is really the Redmond, Washington company’s bread and butter.