Cisco Systems Prepares to Kill Off Flip Video Camera

Cisco Systems Prepares to Kill Off Flip Video Camera


This is a sad day for soccer moms and casual videographers alike. I’ll admit that I was more than skeptical about the original Flip Video camcorder (by Pure Digital, at the time), since I said a regular digital camera could shoot video too. Then, the brand grew on me. The simplicity grew on me. And I got it. Now, it’s about to be put out to pasture.

It’s being reported that Cisco will be shutting down the Flip video camera part of its business, completely overhauling its “troubled consumer products business” because the company has “lost its way,” according to head honcho John Chambers; swaying too far away from its core business of routers, switches, and other network infrastructure.

Business hasn’t exactly been good for Cisco. The stock value has dropped from almost $40 in 2001 to a mere $17.50 today, including a loss of a third of the value over the past year. Also as part of the “restructuring” plan, they’ll combine the consumer-oriented Umi with the business-oriented TelePresence.

Cisco bought Pure Digital in 2009 for $590 million and now they’re gearing up to have the “consumer” division sold off to some other company. And here I am with two Flip MinoHDs on my desk, both of which have served me well. Does this mean that the Creative Vado can finally have its moment in the sun or are we back to my original skepticism and people are just going to use their digicams for video too?