No More Contracts at Verizon (of the One Year Variety)

No More Contracts at Verizon (of the One Year Variety)


Tired of signing those lengthy contracts just so that you can gain access to a subsidized phone or a cheaper monthly plan? Well, Verizon is unleashing some news for you next week. They’re doing away with contracts! Well, no, not really. They’re just getting rid of one-year contracts.

You will really only have two main options when you choose to sign up for the conventional monthly service with Verizon starting April 17. You can take on the full boat and choose month to month, or you can opt for a two year contract and “take advantage of the discounted (promotion) price.”

The one year is no more. You can do prepaid too, of course, but that can limit some of your options. Realistically, though, I don’t think too many people signed the one-year contracts anyway, so this could help to reduce some of the admin and paperwork costs for Big Red.

But hey Americans, just be happy you don’t get stuck with the three-year contracts that we get here in Canada just to get the same subsidized price on the same phones.