AndroXplorer Protects and Archives Android

AndroXplorer Protects and Archives Android


Our smartphones really are becoming like pocket computers, so we really do need the same kind of functionality that we would expect when sitting in front of the PC. The newest version of AndroXplorer for Android, for instance, brings encryption and file compression to the mobile platform.

Granted, you don’t have to sift through a terabyte of video files on your Android phone, but it still helps when you have the archiving ability to go along with AES256 encryption. AndroXplorer supports the popular formats, like .7z and .rar, and it comes with a password-protected folder for your archived files too.

At least that’s how it is if you want to opt for the newer AndroXplorer v.3. The premium version retails for $15 and comes with all kinds of secure encryption for your mobile data, but if all you want is a decent file manager and browser, then the free AndroXplorer v.2 might be better for you.