View TV Content Anywhere, Anytime with $99 Vulkano Flow

View TV Content Anywhere, Anytime with $99 Vulkano Flow


Maybe you travel for work. Maybe you travel for fun. Maybe you have a long and boring commute on the train every morning. Whatever the case, you might not be in your living room to watch your favorite TV shows. And that’s where the Vulkano Flow can come into the picture.

Yeah, it sounds similar in scope to something like a Slingbox. The “placeshifter” comes preloaded with software for PC and Mac clients, but you can also download a number of clients for your portable devices. Right now, they’ve got support for iOS, Android and BlackBerry, but they’re working on clients for Windows Phone 7 and Symbian too.

All of the clients have electronic programming guides and you can record your TV on your PC/Mac for later viewing anywhere. It’ll work with any service provider and streams at up to 2.5mbps. And yes, you can do the usual fast forwarding and rewinding of live TV too.

Something that comes off as a little silly is that the PC and Mac clients come included with the $99 Vulkano Flow device, but you have to fork out $12.99 for each of the mobile apps. Shouldn’t they just include that?