iPhone Goes Retro with Pinball Magic “Appcessory”

iPhone Goes Retro with Pinball Magic “Appcessory”


As great as touchscreens may be, they rarely offer the same kind of visceral experience as you get with real buttons and real moving parts. That’s kind of the idea behind Pinball Magic, a mini pinball cabinet for your iDevice that goes along with the free app.

The net result is a portable pinball machine, complete with real buttons on the sides for the flippers and a real plunger in the front for launching the ball. You don’t get a real ball going around hitting real bumpers, but this is pretty close.

In fact, the free app for Pinball Magic even takes advantage of the tilt sensor in your iPod touch or iPhone, giving you that “warning” when you try to tilt the machine. It’s just like the real arcade, except smaller and digitized.

After seeing people convert iPad’s into Street Fighter cabinets, converting an iPhone to a pinball machine isn’t quite as impressive and I’m pretty sure it’s been done. Even so, the retro enthusiast in your life will surely appreciate this $20 gift.

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