Help Revive Microsoft’s Courier On The iPad

Help Revive Microsoft’s Courier On The iPad


I was quite upset when the news came that Microsoft killed the Courier project. I did not cry, but I felt the way I usually do when Microsoft gives up on something great, heavily disappointed. Steve Jobs always comes through to ease my pain with something new. But now, a couple of aerospace engineers from Seattle are planning to revive the Courier and build it into an iPad app called Taposé. The team seems very enthusiastic and are quite the personalities on film. They plan to implement many Courier-esque features in Taposé, but they need $10,000 to do so.

Just $10 will get you a copy of the app when it is complete, as well as further enhancing the use of the iPad. This is a great project and wish to see it succeed, if they go beyond the 10k they will port it to other OSes.