BlackBerry Touch to Replace BlackBerry Storm

BlackBerry Touch to Replace BlackBerry Storm


Wait. Isn’t that the same thing? That’s what I was thinking when I first heard that notion, but I guess RIM is trying to distance itself from the less than hugely successful Storm line. The new BlackBerry Touch — codenamed BlackBerry Monaco for Verizon and BlackBerry Monza for GSM — is set to make its official debut next month.

That’s when they’ll be hosting the BlackBerry World event, but it looks like the Boy Genius has already managed to get his hands on a demo unit. By and large, it’s the same kind of idea as the Storm, but the form factor is thinner and they’re abandoning that SurePress clicky screen.

Beyond that, we can expect to see OS 6.1 and something that they call BlackBerry ID. This will reportedly replace the PIN, making it easier to use the cloud for backing up data and restoring it, sharing contact info, and so forth. This will make it much easier to upgrade to new devices, for example.

BlackBerry World will also reportedly see the official unveilings of the BlackBerry Bold Touch, BlackBerry Curve Touch, and BlackBerry Torch 2, as well as the BlackBerry Monaco/Monza. I wonder how many of these will have NFC ready to go right off the bat.