Wrex Handles Pocket Tools in Titanium

Wrex Handles Pocket Tools in Titanium


Yes, I suppose you could just carry around your run of the mill Swiss Army knife, but it’s unlikely that it’ll be made from titanium. For something a little more robust, you might take a look at the Wrex Titanium Pocket Wrench.

It doesn’t come with a magnifying glass and a set of tweezers, but this multi-tool does come with a sharp blade, a wire stripping hole, a double-ended screwdriver bit, a 1/4-inch hex bit, and a bottle opener, all to go along with its usual wrenching duties.

That’s the good news for all the mobile handymen (and handywomen, for that matter) in the audience. The bad news is that it weighs in at a rather substantial $179 and you’ve got to wait until next month to buy one. Titanium doesn’t come cheap at $180!

[Read via Wrex]