Oh Snap! Cases By OtterBox

Oh Snap! Cases By OtterBox


OtterBox has come out with an innovative new case for your mobile device, the Oh Snap! series uses advanced snap-mold manufacturing to create a protective cushion of air around your precious device.

“The Oh Snap! Series of cases features an envelope of pliable, snap-ovative plastic material with pockets of air in between. The pockets provide a cushion and emit a “snap” sound in the event that serious pressure is applied. Installation is a breeze – simply slip the device in the Oh Snap! sheet and secure the edges with the transparent adhesive strip. Buttons and touchscreens may or may not be accessible through the case and sound will be slightly muffled. Oh Snap! cases are not recommended for children under five-years-old due to the potential choking hazard, and loud snapping sound may frighten young children.”

No pricing information available yet, but it is “coming soon.”