British Teen Shoves Electronic Drum Kit in Jeans

British Teen Shoves Electronic Drum Kit in Jeans


Paul Rudd might have taught us how to slap the bass, but what if you could go around slapping your jeans to the beat with a full electronic drum set? That’s exactly the dream realized by 17-year-old Aseem Mishra.

The British visionary has outfitted his denim with a fully functional drum kit, placing the eight pads on various places on both thighs. Taking it a bit further than Boris Smus‘ drum kit from a couple years back. This is complete with toms, the hi-hat, and so on. Better still, the pads are pressure sensitive, so you can tap them for a lighter sound or wail on your legs for more of an Anthrax style rocking out.

But from the outside, they just look like a pair of jeans. The downside is that he has to carry around a backpack that houses the speakers and some of the other necessary electronic tidbits, but he says you could just as easily plug the pants trousers into a real amp and get some really loud sound from your drum jeans. Killer.

Or, you know, you could take out a drum app on your iPhone, iPad, Android phone, or whatever else and almost achieve the same thing, except you wouldn’t have sore thighs afterward. In any case, the invention has landed the British chap the Young Engineer of the Year award.