‘Backdoor’ Found to Easily Circumvent NYT $40M Paywall

‘Backdoor’ Found to Easily Circumvent NYT $40M Paywall


Yes, we certainly want you to stay tuned to Mobile Magazine for all news related to the world of mobile technology, but we totally understand that you read other publications too. As such, you might be a little miffed by the recent paywall erected at the online New York Times. Why pay for news when it’s free everywhere else, right?

Well, in addition to a variety of hacks that people have already published about how to get around having to pay for your fix of the NYT, there are actually no fewer than three other methods that dummy-proof easy to do. Best of all, these are all perfectly legal and have nothing to do with content piracy.

First, all you have to do is remove the “?gwh=numbers” part from the article URL. This removes the paywall and lets you read the content at your leisure. Yes, it really is that simple. Alternatively, you can clear out your browser cache (or use the Private Browsing or Incognito option in your web browser). Thirdly, just switch browsers. Yes, the paywall is that easy to circumvent. Nothing like the Berlin Wall or the Great Wall of China at all.

This is in addition to the official ways not to pay for NYT content: the 20 free articles a month, 25 free articles per day via search, and the unlimited reads through blogs and social networks. If their plan was to make a bunch of extra money from erecting this paywall (which reportedly cost them $40 million), they probably shouldn’t have made it so easy to skirt around it.