Apple iPad 2 Can Use 5-in-1 Connection Kit Too

Apple iPad 2 Can Use 5-in-1 Connection Kit Too


There’s a price to be paid when you want a device with sleek minimalism. While many other tablets on the market are trying to shoehorn a bunch of extra ports, like HDMI and card slots, the iPad 2 takes the same approach as the original. So, what do you do when you actually want that connectivity?

Well, just like the first iPad, you can invest in this 5-in-1 connection kit. In effect, the little adapter that plugs into the main dock connector in the bottom of the iPad combines the Apple Digital AV Adapter with the Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit. Combined, these two adapters cost about $70, but the 5-in-1 is only $45. And it’s just more convenient having one adapter instead of two.

So, what does the 5-in-1 entail? You get a single 3.5mm jack for AV out (only standard def, though, so you need the Apple version if you want 720p via HDMI), an SD card slot, a microSD card slot, a microUSB port for charging and computer connections, and a USB connection for cameras and keyboards.

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