Apple iPad 2 Case Gives You A Woody

Apple iPad 2 Case Gives You A Woody


Aluminium unibody. Shiny glass back. All these are well and good, but they also make for a very cold and industrial-esque feeling iPad 2. For people who want to add a dash of class to their iProducts, some wooden cases from Miniot might be a good bet.

I’m not entirely sure if this is really any more “green” that using plastic and metal (I hear bamboo is a good choice, though, since it’s about as sustainable as it gets), but it certainly gives your iPhone, iPod, and iPad a distinctly different and possibly distinguished look. Standing out from the Miniot collection is the Miniot cover for iPad 2. It’s carved from a single piece of certified wood and serves as both a stand and a cover. Pricing starts at 50 Euro.

Having a wooden case for my electronic devices isn’t exactly my kind of style, but it might suit your preferences. Beyond the iPad, they’ve also got cases for the iPhone 4, iPhone 3G/3GS, and even the iWood Classic. Because, well, Steve Jobs isn’t going to let that die any time soon, so you might as well chop down a spirit tree in the interim.