Nintendo 3DS AR Cards? There’s an Android App for That

Nintendo 3DS AR Cards? There’s an Android App for That


When the Nintendo 3DS hits our shores this weekend, you’ll find that the retail box includes six augmented reality (AR) cards. These paper cards can be used to interact with the different AR games that are available on the system, but it sucks to have to carry them around with you. So, why not load them on your phone instead?

That’s exactly the idea behind the app by Andrew Wilson. He has effectively digitized the six AR cards that come bundled with the console, plunking them onto any Google Android device. When you’re on the road, you’d assume that you have your smartphone with you. Whip it out, show the Kirby AR card image, and you’ve got yourself an augmented reality version of the pink sucker. Tada!

The good news is that the app is free. The bad news is that there are reports of its spontaneously crashing and it’s possible that Nintendo could come in and swipe it off the market with trademark infringement accusations. You know how you can get around that? Take a picture of the card with your phone, ensuring that there are no shadows and you get the whole card, and it should work with the 3DS too.

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