Sceptre Luna MP3 Player Packs Pico Projector Too

Sceptre Luna MP3 Player Packs Pico Projector Too


They seem to be putting these pico projector things in all sorts of products these days. We’ve already seen them in digital cameras, for example, and now they’re infiltrating the portable media player market too with the Sceptre Luna.

That’s the more interesting part of the news. The product itself looks very generic with a grey box and some basic media controls. However, there is no on-board display whatsoever, keeping you guessing as to the tunes pumping into your ear. The projector part can be used to show videos and slideshows, but that’s not all that useful when all you want to do is see your playlist… especially in public.

Running through the rest of the specs, you find no internal memory at all. Instead, it comes with a 2GB microSD card, which can then be upgraded up to a 32GB card should you feel so inclined. The projector itself can make for an image up to 50-inches across the diagonal from a distance of up to 99 inches. The other downside? The battery will only last an hour if you want to use the projector, not even giving you enough to get through a regular Hollywood movie.

Sure, the Sceptre Luna is an interesting idea, but its execution still leaves a lot to be desired. Check it out for $170 at QVC, Amazon, Walmart, NewEgg, Target, Sears, and K-Mart.

[via Sceptre]