iClooly Desktop Phone Dock for iPhone and Android a Good Call

iClooly Desktop Phone Dock for iPhone and Android a Good Call


If you’re one of the growing number of people who are passing up landlines and relying solely on your cell phone for communication, the iClooly might be pretty appealing.

The dock turns any model iPhone or Android phone into a stylish desktop phone, complete with handset receiver. This means you don’t have to struggle to pull your phone from your pocket when it rings, but also frees up your screen during calls to check notes or websites while you’re talking. Didn’t bother to read an email the email your boss is calling to discuss? No problem. Skim through it and ad lib while you’re talking. Call from a client you don’t really want to talk to? Check your calendar for a better time or your contact book for someone to divert his attention to without having to rudely hang up or ignore him/her by pulling the phone away from your head.

Plus, I imagine it would be good for FaceTiming in noisy or less-than-private environments.

The dock doesn’t have it’s own charger connection, meaning you’ll have to run your own cord up underneath to keep it charged. But this is actually a decent idea, as an attached 30-pin or USB charge plug would limit the number of compatible phones. The way it stands now, you could buy one for every desk and worker in the office regardless of what cell they’ve got.

That, in conjunction with either a Skype number or a Line2 account giving you work, home and cell numbers on the same phone, you could have soulless docks rather than stand-alone phones at work and at home.


I know the iPhone 4’s death grip is something of an old story, but this could be a boon in that respect, too.

The anodized aluminium stand sits on four non-slip silicone pads, holding your phone in either vertical or horizontal positions. The handset plugs into the 3.5mm jack and clips into the base to prevent your phone from sliding off whenever you answer the phone.

The iClooly is available now for about $40 on Amazon and various other sites if you’re looking to pick one up.

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