Hanfree Stand the Next Big Thing for Your iPad

Hanfree Stand the Next Big Thing for Your iPad


While the iPad does a lot of useful things, a lot of the things it does – displaying cookbooks, giving guitar lessons, etc. – are used while your hands are busy doing something else. Plus, reading in bed or watching movies in a lot of positions can be tiresome as you have to hold up the half-kilo device for prolonged periods.

But that’s where the Hanfree comes in.

The Hanfree is basically a swivelling omni-angle stand that suspends your first- or second-gen iPad in useful positions to solve exactly this problem. The team behind the concept is currently on Kickstarter looking for funding to start production, meaning you can pre-purchase one for yourself for $50 ahead of time. After the campaign comes to a close, they’ll be bumping the price up to $80 a piece.

At first, the minimalist support looks like little more than a glorified lamp rod bent into a new shape. But after watching the video, the usefulness of it is pretty apparent.

For giving presentations or in meetings, it’d be a dream. Get yourself a Bluetooth keyboard and you’ve essentially got a mobile work station, sans slouching to get the right angle of the screen. Your baby’s crib mobile isn’t doing the job? Throw on “Koi Pond” and you’re covered (though we’re not accepting any liability for suggesting it if something goes horribly wrong).

If you’ve got an iPad, I recommend checking out the video and their Kickstarter page.

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