No NFC for Apple iPhone 5, Wait for iPhone 6

No NFC for Apple iPhone 5, Wait for iPhone 6


The boys and girls at Research in Motion are dedicated to bringing NFC technology to every new BlackBerry, but it looks like their counterparts in Cupertino aren’t nearly as enthusiastic. Based on a report from UK paper The Independent, Apple is not going to include NFC in its iPhone 5.

The possible reason for this? Like so much else that Steve Jobs and his crew choose to do these days, they seem more inclined to select some sort of closed ecosystem rather than use a more widely accepted standard. In this way, the iPhone won’t have NFC until they’ve developed an NFC payment system that ties right back in to the iTunes Store.

Why? Because Apple is “discouraged by the lack of a clear industry standard” when it comes to NFC-based payments. That might be true, but it could also be true that Apple is missing the boat and will get left behind… then again, they were late to party with mobile hotspots and video chatting, and that didn’t exactly hurt business.