Modders Custom Install iPad 2 in Car Dash

Modders Custom Install iPad 2 in Car Dash


If you were to believe the team in Cupertino, the iPad 2 is the greatest thing since sliced bread. And what better place to enjoy this newfangled sliced bread than in the dash of your car? Well, it didn’t take very long for someone to come up with that idea.

To be fair, custom fitting the new iPad 2 into the dash of a car (or a Ford F-150 pickup in this case) really isn’t all that different from custom fitting the first iPad. The main difference would just be a slight change in the dimensions, given the slimmer profile, as well as a small hole for the FaceTime camera.

It’s almost pretty clever how they fashioned together a side slot for you to slide in the Apple tablet and how this connects right into the Scosche charging and AV cable kit that’s hidden in the dash itself. That way, you stay charged while you stream Pandora and navigate with Google Maps. But please, for the sake of everyone else on the road, don’t play Angry Birds while driving. There’s enough anger on the streets already.

Is this how you’d iPimp your iRide?

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