Google Adds Charging Stations to Maps

Google Adds Charging Stations to Maps


As manufacturers start making the switch from gas-guzzlers to electric engines, one of the biggest inconveniences of the new technology is just finding a place to fill up.

The last 106 years’ focus on petrol-powered transportation has left the world speckled with a network of easily-accessible gas stations, and it may take a while before charging stations catch up in terms of availability.

But until it does, Google is doing their part to make the stations easier to find. The company has added the U.S. Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory’s database of about 7,000 alternative fuelling stations to Google Maps, making it easy to find a place to charge up either before you leave on a trip or on your smartphone while you’re out.

The database includes 600 Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment locations, too, in case you’re looking for more than a quick jolt.

To ensure the database is kept up to date, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory has launched a forum for those related to Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment manufacturers, installers and distributors to inform the Advanced Vehicles Data Centre about new locations or changes to existing ones.

To give it a shot, look up “EV charging station near (your town or city)” on Google maps.