Backlight Bleed on Apple iPad 2 = Widespread Problem?

Backlight Bleed on Apple iPad 2 = Widespread Problem?


For the time being, there are just a few isolated incidents of this problem on the brand new Apple iPad 2, but this could become yet another PR nightmare for Apple if more than a few folks start noticing it. Do you have an iPad 2? Do you suffer from backlight bleed?

A little bit of backlight bleed isn’t the worst thing in the world — it’s certainly more tolerable that death grip-caused dropped calls — but the embedded video shows a very pronounced issue. That’s a lot of light bleeding through and it could get really annoying when watching videos and enjoying other multimedia content.

If this is just an isolated incident with some shoddy craftsmanship on one or two units, a quick RMA should suffice. If this is more widespread, it’s not like Apple can send out a free bumper case to solve it. Ah, the power of the Internet. Before the web, you’d just have to suffer through yet another customer service experience while trying to explain to the clerk why a bright white spot on a black screen is unacceptable.