Free App Finds EV Charging Stations For Users

Free App Finds EV Charging Stations For Users


PlugShare is an app that lets electric vehicle users find potential fill-up spots. The app gives the addresses of not only public charging stations but also the private garages of other users. PlugShare was released by Xatori, a company that creates software for electric vehicles.

If someone wants to do their part but are too attached to their gass-guzzler, they can still offer a charge to someone in need. Besides specifying the type of outlets people have available for EV users, the app also lists users’ phone numbers and addresses. Users can type an address or zip code to search for nearby charging stations.

Some people might be concerned about privacy issues, but according to Xantori’s website, users can choose how much information they share and can opt out at anytime.

For people not sure how offering a helping hand to EV drivers will affect their energy bill, Xatori’s website said that charging a car on a standard outlet costs about 15 cents an hour.

While fully charging an EV can take up to six hours or more, depending on the type of outlet, home owners shouldn’t have to worry about people staying overnight in their garage. It’s not like CouchSurfing – no one’s going to sleep in the garage overnight, refueling their dying battery to take a cross country trip. Well, hopefully not. Xatori’s intent is for users who miscalculated how much energy they needed to get somewhere and need a quick boost.

The PlugShare app works with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

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