Konect Watch Makes Telling Time More Fun

Konect Watch Makes Telling Time More Fun


What ever happend to watches that tell the time in a simple and easy to read manner? Why must designers be hell bent on creating a watch that actually takes you more time to, well, read the time for no real reason other than upping your hipster chic rating?

All of these questions could have easily been posed to designer Olivier Demangel at some point, but I guess he didn’t really care. And so, somehow we find ourselves looking at the Konect Watch. It’s a watch that happens to have a built-in USB drive, Bluetooth connectivity, and media controls.

Oh, and tell the time, you might need to spend a few more moments than you normally would looking at a typical analog clock face (or regular digital clock). First, you have to spot the blue light to indicate the hour. Then, you have to look at the purple light to determine the “five minutes group” and then the quadrant blue lights for the single minutes. It’s no red ring of death, but the single minute part sure looks like the Xbox light system.

And let’s not forget about the background music that sounds pretty much the same as the theme song to House. That’s a good show. This watch, on the other hand, sounds overly complex for no particularly useful reason. If you really want Demangel to go ahead with this, you’ll need to lobby Tokyo Flash to put it into production. Otherwise, you can join the rest of us and just read the time on your smartphone screen.

[Giz via Olivier Demangel]