Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Deemed “Inadequate” By Own VP

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Deemed “Inadequate” By Own VP


Samsung’s recently announced Galaxy Tab 10.1 that came out of Mobile World Congress in Barcelona last month is being deemed “inadequate” by their very own mobile VP Lee Don-Joo. After Don-Joo saw the iPad 2 he said “we will have to improve the parts that are inadequate.” Not only are the components of the iPad 2 superior, the price is just hard to beat. Samsung was originally pricing the 7-inch Galaxy Tab at about $900 sans contract from mobile providers, this has recently dropped to about $566 from Amazon, or $250 from T-Mobile. While the cheapest iPad 2 costs $499, Samsung’s 10.1 inch Galaxy Tab will have to be far less than the Apple price at best, or at least on par in order to make an impression on the market. And what’s worse is it won’t be available until after Apple’s iPad 2. Wired’s Charlie Sorrel got some hands-on time with the Tab 10.1 at the Mobile World Congress and he found it to be a “a plastic toy with a gorgeous screen.” Sure, the specs are all there and it looks good on paper, but he added that “The camera is terrible, the Android Honeycomb OS feels like an old timey desktop OS, and the plastic body may make it light, but it also makes it feel cheap.”

Many companies show off their concepts ahead of others creating excitement and anticipation but only to be beaten to a pulp by Apple’s exemplary offerings. They are the only one making tablet technologies available to consumers on schedule, in volume, and at a wicked price. Tough to beat.

[Wired via PhysOrg / Photo: Charlie Sorrel]