The Significant Apple iPad 2 Shortcomings

The Significant Apple iPad 2 Shortcomings


The announcement a couple days ago of the new Apple iPad 2 did two very important things. First, it allowed Steve Jobs to appear in public, taking the stage despite his medical leave. Second, it laid to rest all the rumored specs about the second-generation tablet by showing off what it really was. Unfortunately for Apple, “what it really was” was lacking.

Chris Taylor of Mashable has a special article up on CNN that points out the things that “Apple hopes you didn’t notice about iPad 2.” The article doesn’t go quite as far as the Conan O’Brien roast last night (seriously, you need to watch that vid), but it does confirm that the iPad 2 isn’t nearly as groundbreaking as Cupertino would lead you to believe.

First, despite selling its “seamless” interface, the iPad 2 still needs you to use that sync cable to sync your music and videos via iTunes. Could they have not made it sync to the cloud a little easier? Second, while there’s a faster A5 processor in the second iPad, it still has the same 256MB of RAM as the original. That’s not exactly a performance boost. Remember that both the Xoom and HP TouchPad have 1GB of RAM each.

Other shortcomings? No improvement in the screen resolution, no mention of megapixels for the rear camera, and mono speakers. I’m not saying that the iPad 2 is a bad product, per se, but it only represents some really tiny baby steps compared to the first one. Bring on the Android army, I say.