Amazon To Open App Store for Android

Amazon To Open App Store for Android


Amazon’s new Android app store has been confirmed, showing the Seattle company truly is looking to take a share of the app pie.

The pricing scheme will be similar to that of Android’s own Market, with 70 per cent of each sale going to the developers, according to Amazon spokeswoman Anya Waring in an interview with Bloomberg. The company is hoping to tap into the almost $15 billion yearly app market, riding on users’ allegations that Android’s App Market itself is ‘cumbersome.’

“There is a huge volume of apps out there,” said Aaron Rubenson, who oversees Amazon’s app store. “The challenge that creates for the Android ecosystem is it can be hard to find the products that are relevant to you. We’ve spent years developing an e-commerce platform that helps customers find relevant products amidst a massive selection.”

There’s no definite date set for when the Amazon app store will open, but reports indicate this month. The store app will be available for download to any Android phone or tablet computer. Alternatively, apps will also be sold directly from the website.

It’s fairly safe to assume the store won’t be coming to iOS products, as all apps for all (non-jailbroken) Apple products are only available through Apple’s own app stores.

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