Yill White Wheel: The True Mobile Office with Power to Go

Yill White Wheel: The True Mobile Office with Power to Go


You know, I thought I was pretty good about the mobile lifestyle. Yes, I use a desktop as my primary computer, but thanks to services like Google Docs and Dropbox, I can pack up my laptop and work from just about anywhere with Internet access. The Yill, by Werner Aisslinger of Younicos, takes this concept to a new level.

The white wheel of a contraption isn’t some fancy luggage for you to take to the airport. Instead, the Yill is a “self-contained energy storage unit.” Thanks to its lithium-titanium battery, you can effectively have loads of power with you anywhere you go. When it runs out, you can top it back up with a standard wall charger or via renewable sources like solar cells.

Yes, you’ll still need to pack your laptop. Yes, you’ll likely still need to bring along a tetherable smartphone, MiFi device, or Internet stick. But hey, at least you’ll have up to 300 watts of electricity at your disposal. The alternative, of course, is to just bring a couple of extra batteries for your phone and laptop rather than lug around a luggage-sized contraption.

Or, you know, take a little time off until you find a suitable wall outlet.

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