Wikipedia Information Can Be Accessed With Livescribe Smart Pens

Wikipedia Information Can Be Accessed With Livescribe Smart Pens


Smartpen manufacturer Livescribe last week announced the release of the new Wikipedia app for their Echo and Pulse pens. Once downloaded to the pen, the app lets you search through offline abstracts of the 100,000 most-visited English-language Wikipedia articles using your pen and pad as the interface: Simply write the name or subject in the “dot paper” notebook and tap the word with the tip of the pen and the information is at your fingertips.

The app description is a tad vague, but assumably once the word is tapped and an article is chosen on the pen’s tiny OLED display, the information will be either scrolled across the screen or spoken aloud using the pen’s speaker as is par for many apps.

Livescribe, formed in 2007 by ex-Leapfrog employee Jim Marggraff, has been making smartpens since 2008 capable of recording interviews, doing calculations and transferring notes and sketches from the dot notebook to a computer, among other things. Their pens and platforms have won numerous awards over the last three years, including the Macworld Best of Show Award and the SIIA Ed Tech’s Most Innovative Education Product Award in ’09.

The Wikipedia app costs about $2 in the Livescribe app store, alongside other notable (no pun intended) app names such as Evernote and the American Heritage Spanish Dictionary.

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