Archos Flies Under Radar, Making Money With Tablets

Archos Flies Under Radar, Making Money With Tablets


Way before the iPad even came into existence, Archos was selling what it called Internet Tablets. They were mostly reserved for tech-savvy users which resulted in being shifted to the sidelines at local retailers. You’d think that with all the iPads and Android tabs flooding the market Archos would fall off the face of the planet.  Not according to recent news from the company.

As it turns out, despite all the overwhelming attention that devices like the Galaxy Tab and Motorola Xoom are getting, Archos is doing just fine. In fact, they’re doing better than fine; they’re growing. This is despite the fact that the average Joe and Jane don’t even know about Archos at all.

In 2009, Archos raked in 57.9 million Euro in revenue. That number increased to 83.3 million Euro in 2010. They’ve experienced at two-fold increase in North America and a 116% growth in Europe. Most of the money, not surprisingly, is coming from its line of tablets like the Archos 70 IT and Archos 101 IT.

“By year end, the success of the Generation 8, especially ARCHOS 70 and ARCHOS 101 tablets, had exceeded all our expectations. The demand was such that we faced shortages in most stores. The demand is maintained at a high level in the current quarter, confirming the strong development potential of the tablet market and validating the strategic choices made very early in this area, more than two years ago.”

They’re still catering to the geekiest of the bunch, but there are more tech geeks today than there may have been a few years ago. And they haven’t even touched Honeycomb yet.

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