Robo Marathon Coming to Japan

Robo Marathon Coming to Japan


Oh Japan. The land of fantastic sushi and off-the-wall game shows. They’re ready to take on another quirky spin, because a full marathon is being planned for a number of bipedal robots. Technology firm Vston is organizing the event.

We’ve seen robots on two feet before, but we really haven’t seen how these bots are able to hold up for longer distances. The idea behind the Robo Mara robot marathon is to see how the two-legged contraptions can “run” a full 42 kilometer (26 mile) marathon. They’re going to be running laps, rather than running from one place to another, but the total distance is the same.

Because they’re kind of small and have short strides, the robots are going to take three days to complete the marathon. Interestingly enough, the last day of Robo Mara (Feburary 27) is the day of hte real Tokyo Marathon. You know, for the flesh and blood runners in the crowd.

Deep Blue beat us at chess. Watson beat us at Jeopardy. And now, Vstone’s robots could be beating us in the physical realm too. Yup, Skynet can’t possibly be that far away now. I, for one, welcome our new robot overlords.

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