Bike Purifies Water While You Pedal

Bike Purifies Water While You Pedal


Japanese company Nippon Basic has developed a bicycle that allows you to purify drinking water by pedaling. The bike has a kinetic water purification unit attached to the rear seat. With four different filters on board – one to pre-treat the water, and another three to purify it, you can be drinking 6 liters of purified drinking water in about a minute; three times the amount of daily drinking water for a single person.

The bike is meant to be used in disaster zones, when clean water is unavailable and transportation is limited. The only problem is the price tag – it comes in at about $6600, which makes it a little difficult to provide one to people in need.

Most of the bikes have been sold to local Japanese governments. However, Nippon Basic does have plans to outsource to Bangladesh to reduce the cost and provide the water purifying opportunities to the people of Bangladesh. Hopefully Nipon Basic will find a way to sell the bike at an affordable price or donate a few to developing countries, and help curb the approximately 3.5 million deaths that occur each year from water-related diseases.

[InHabitat via Nippon Basic]