Which Wireless Carrier Has The Best Customer Service?

Which Wireless Carrier Has The Best Customer Service?


We get really caught up in having the coolest smartphones on the planet, but does that really matter when you have crappy coverage and even crappier customer service? None of the big four in the United States were named as part of JD Power’s list of 2011 Customer Service Champions, but one name you might recognize was.

US Cellular and TDS Telecom received this distinction from JD Power and Associates. There were 40 companies in all that were named as part of the 2011 list, so they’re among pretty elite company. Sure, US Cellular doesn’t exactly get the newest iPhones or the latest Android devices, but at least their call center folks are friendly, right?

“The customer is a top priority, in everything we do,” said TDS president and CEO LeRoy T. Carlson, Jr. “We are so proud of the teams at U.S. Cellular and TDS Telecom, and we will continue to improve and enhance the communications experience for all of our customers.”

Putting another feather in US Cellular’s proverbial cap, it was also recognized for having the best overall call quality in the North Central Region. That’s ten years running. I don’t know how much weight you’d want to give a JD Power Customer Service Champion award, but there you have it.