Google Social Search Update Integrates Your Friends’ Shares

Google Social Search Update Integrates Your Friends’ Shares


As the Internet continues to expand and we get inundated with an increasingly overwhelming amount of information, we turn more and more to our social spheres for guidance. And that’s where some of the updates to Google Social Search are supposed to come into play.

It makes sense that if a friend decided a page was worth sharing on Twitter and it’s relevant to your search term, that’s probably a good page for you to read (as opposed to any other random search result). Google Social Search has been around since 2009, but they’ve now updated it to integrate these social “shares” with the main search results.

If your friend decided to share something on Twitter, that search result will now have their image and name just below it. These results are intermingled with the other “main” results, unlike before when they were separated toward the bottom of the page.

On the one hand, this is a part of Google’s over-arching goal to provide the most relevant results possible. On the other hand, it’s another demonstration of some crazy Big Brother action at work. IBM might have Watson, but Google knows everything about you.

[via Google Blog]