LeapPad Tablet for Toddlers Has Video Cam, Accelerometer

LeapPad Tablet for Toddlers Has Video Cam, Accelerometer


Tired of wee Johnny Jr. getting PB&J all over your iPad and asking you how to pronounce all kinds of new words he’s learning from your FML app?

Well, stress no more. This summer, Leapfrog’s new edutainment tablet for kids 4 years old and up will be hitting the stores, allowing Johnny and Betty to have their own tablet computers to learn and draw on. You’ll never have to hand over your iPad or Galaxy Tab again.

The LeapPad Explorer comes complete with a built-in camera, video recorder, microphone and 5″ touch-screen with HD-esque graphics and a tiny stylus to harness children’s creative tendencies. An animation studio, games, videos, e-books, flash cards and a whole library of downloadable apps give kids a multitude of ways to learn, develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. It even has an accelerometer for tilt-friendly games, as well as a durable build for unfriendly youngsters.

The tablet follows the company’s previous, highly successful Leapster Explorer laptop for kids, and will be fully compatible with the same app library. Every common school subject is covered with a multitude of educational, interactive applications disguised as fun that will keep your offspring entertained for hours on end. Don’t believe it’s helping? The tablet will even keep notes, allowing parents to track their children’s progress whenever they feel doubts about its usefulness.

Don’t worry, though; you won’t have to trade own your PlayBook in to get your hands on one. When they arrive this summer, they’ll only set you back about $100. The apps, on the other hand, will cost $7.99 each, so if your tot gets tired of games quickly, you might have to double the price of the toy to give him a fair share of variety.

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