Sony S1 Slate Concept: A PlayStation Tablet

Sony S1 Slate Concept: A PlayStation Tablet


Will Sony’s rumored “S1 tablet” concept live up to the expectations set by Apple’s miraculous iPad? If not, will they supersede them? Let’s face it- the main things we all look for nowadays are versatility, battery life, and affordability. We have yet to see anything from one of the biggest players out there, Sony, and if anyone can pull it off to take a second place in the tablet world next to Apple it is Sony.

It might be a little bit hard to buy a protective case to a product with a distinguishable “curve” design, which was intended to provide a more user-friendly experience and resemble that of a folded up magazine. Will this cause a problem in storing the Sony tablet in your backpack that’s designed for a flat surfaced device like all other tablets that currently exist? I think so. Will it just be more vulnerable to injury? Probably. There are usually bad endings to dropping any gadget on the ground…but with a weird curve the Sony tablet ends up being, if it ever reaches the light of day, more vulnerable. Why this design was used for a portable gaming machine is beyond me, but Sony will have to answer to that when they bring it to the limelight.

Taking a better look at the bigger picture, the fine details of the supposed device are a close comparison to what we see out there now with many competitors challenging the iPad. A 9.4-inch tablet with a 1280 x 800 crystal clear fingerprint-resistant screen and an LED backlight, this should help with battery life.

The S1’s release has slipped by, and according to engadget a $600 price tag for the Wi-Fi model would be expected. When is the remaining question.