USB Follow Focus For Canon EOS Cameras A Boon To Smooth Video

USB Follow Focus For Canon EOS Cameras A Boon To Smooth Video


The Okii Systems USB Follow Focus remote control allows Canon EOS photographers and videographers to make the smoothest photos and videos possible, eliminating shakes from changing settings directly on the camera.

The Follow Focus’ flagship feature is the focus puller, which uses a dial on the control pad and the autofocus motor built into Canon lenses to adjust focus in any live-view mode – including while recording video. What’s more, the device allows for saving and jumping between up to four points of focus without the response and feel of mechanical focus pullers.

The nine other buttons around the knob control the shutter, start/stop recording, autofocus, shutter speed, apature, ISO and various other camera adjustments.

At 7.6 cm in diameter and 142 g with the two AAA batteries, the highly portable controller plugs into the camera’s USB plug, leaving the HDMI out available for simultaneous use with an external monitor. It gets up to 30 hours on a pair of batteries, and can be used with a USB cord up to 10 metres in length.

Okii Systems is accepting preorders for the $400 Follow Focus, with the first shipments set to fly at the end of February.

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