Yahoo Livestand

Yahoo Livestand


Yahoo is staking its claim in new-media territory with the launch of Livestand, a digital magazine stand for your tablet or super-phone.

It’s not an app, they say, but a next-generation Yahoo platform where third-party magazines and media will funnel through to a personalized splash page.

“If Life is so digital…why aren’t our publications?” asked Yahoo product czar Blake Irving during the conference call announcement. He says small publishers are having a hard time on tablets because they can’t monetize, reach their audiences, or make their apps much more than just PDFs. Lifestand will enable publishers and advertisers to seamlessly distribute content across tablets and mobile phones in an experience that is elegant and personalized to the individual.

The program will also feature Yahoo Answers and Mail integration and an in-line browser for sharing content.

Though most of the content will be Yahoo-based when the app hits iOS and Android later this year, Irving says “we see a future where two people in a garage can publish a magazine with the tools we enable.”

They’re working with a few select partners, including Surf Magazine, ahead of the launch.

Yahoo isn’t letting on too much more, but for now, check out the teaser images they have released.

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