Telus going big with HTC Desire HD

Telus going big with HTC Desire HD


The original HTC Desire is getting replaced at Telus by the bigger and hotter HTC Desire HD. Sprint has been rocking the HTC EVO 4G for a while, it’s good to see its GSM counterpart hit our shores too.

As you may recall, the HTC Desire HD boasts the same 4.3-inch mega-sized display as the EVO 4G. This comes accompanied by the 8MP camera, 1GHz processor, and Wi-Fi hotspot capabilities.

You get preloaded with Android 2.2 Froyo and the HTC Sense user interface. I’m not personally a fan of these massive displays (at least it’s smaller than the gargantuan Dell Streak), but all the more power to you if you’re willing to shoehorn this into your jeans pocket and keep it constantly plugged in.

Pricing for the Telus HTC Desire HD runs pretty much par for the course. Take it on no term for $499.99 or sell your soul on a three-year contract for $149.99.

Update: Telus will carry both the HTC Desire and HTC Desire HD. It will not be “replaced” but is more of an upgrade.