Could Apple switch to OLED within MacBooks and iPads?

Could Apple switch to OLED within MacBooks and iPads?


OLED displays look quite amazing compared to traditional LCDs. And that’s why it’s awfully enticing to hear that Apple could soon be dabbling in the world of Organic Light Emitting Diods for many offerings within their product range.

Three patents from Steve Jobs and his team have been leaked on the Internet, revealing Cupertino’s intention to implement OLED displays on everything from iPads and iPods to MacBooks and possibly even Apple TVs. Having OLED on a phone or media player is nothing new, but seeing it on a tablet would be great. Having it on a notebook would be even better.

But that leaves us wondering about the possibility of an OLED Apple TV. Could this mean that the Apple TV could soon be, well, an actual television? Somewhere between a Cinema Display and the current Apple TV is… and OLED iTV?

Well, these are just patents and we’re probably getting way ahead of ourselves. Unless there really is “one more thing” just around the corner.

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