SteriShoe zaps away shoe smells with UV

SteriShoe zaps away shoe smells with UV


Whether or not you choose to admit it, we have all been plagued with the unfortunate situation of having smelly shoes. Until now we have had to resort to insoles, deodorant or sprays. U.S. company Shoe Care Innovations have come up with the world’s first functioning ultraviolet shoe cleaner. The SteriShoe UV Shoe sanitizer safely cleans and disinfects the inside of your shoes, 100 percent free of chemicals, with the use of ultraviolet light.

It is ideal for sufferers of tinea pedis, commonly known as, athlete’s foot, toenail fungus or just unwanted shoe odor, and it is also highly recommended for people with diabetes. Diabetes may cause poor blood circulation leading to a loss of sensation and potentially untreated ulcers, which may result in amputation. And so clean shoes are an important measure for all people with diabetes in order to keep healthy feet.

Using ultraviolet light for sterilization is by no means a brand new innovation; it is commonly used in hospitals, public swimming pools and in other water treatment systems. Though using UV is relatively safe, it is still recommended that direct contact with the light should be avoided. With this in mind the SteriShoes comes equipped with two important safety features: a compression sensor that requires the sanitizer to be compressed in a shoe in order to turn on, and a second sensor that scans the environment, only allowing the device to activate a clean in a closed, dark place (such as a cupboard or closet). If one of these requirements is not met, the device will shut off automatically, even while in the middle of cleaning. It doesn’t guarantee an end to sweaty feet, but it does guarantee a consistently clean and odor-free shoe for you to keep your feet, sweaty or not.

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