Citroen-sponsored E-3POD Antistatic electric trike concept vehicle

Citroen-sponsored E-3POD Antistatic electric trike concept vehicle


As much as we would like to believe otherwise, the conventional gas-powered car is going to be the primary mode of transport for the foreseeable future. That doesn’t mean, though, that we can’t innovate when it comes to secondary vehicles, as is the case with the E-3POD Antistatic.

Designed by Royal College of Art student Heikki Juvonen, the E3-POD Antistatic is the winning entry in a Double Challenge sponsored by Citroen. The goal was to create an ultra-compact electric vehicle and the E3-POD is exactly that.

It has two slightly angled wheels in the front and a giant wheel in the back. In this way, it’s kind of similar to something like the T-Rex, but it’s also completely different. For starters, the large back wheel is hubless and it houses the cabin where the single passenger will be seated. It’s also fully electric, using all kinds of lightweight construction to allow for a smaller battery pack and more efficient design.

Since the cabin is domed, you get more of a “personal space” that is separated from the rest of the world, quite unlike a regular bicycle. This also shields you from the elements. I imagine there could be some serious vision problems, though, as it looks like there’s a giant bar blocking the center of your windshield. That can’t be safe, can it?

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